Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oregon's" Wintery Mix"

Hey there Dark seamers....

Back from Oregon.....What a blast!!! The weather was pretty awful but the fishing was up to par for sure. I was only up there for two days this trip...Pulled an all niter getting there and got right into my buddy's raft. We floated the first day...Greg told me the weatherman was calling for a "Wintery Mix"....Not sure what this was but, well, I found out.....Hail, Rain, Snow, Sleet, Frozen rain all at once and blowing sideways. Steelheading is for folk cut from a different cloth..Chasing fish..Long days on the water often times bearing the elements in hopes of hooking a fish of a lifetime. Well day one was one of those days that belongs to the true "Steelheader." We bundled up, cracked some hand warmers and stuck it out.....and it paid off...We hooked 8 and landed 6...the largest of the day was 34" Kelt...she ate a burnt orange creme brulee. Day two we planned on walking and wading a small creek about 10 miles from the salt. Our drive in was dicey with 12-18 inches of snow on the road...but we made it. Got to the water and it looked nice but a little too low. We decided to stay and hike upstream to some deeper holes. Another day for the serious steelhead angler...Hiking trough snow and ice traversing the water...ain't no trails here. Then the snow came...We got in about 2 miles before we found the first deep run. I threw in and wham!!!! Fish on...great fight, tough fish..about 32" kelt buck with a bright red stripe..unfortunately he was camera shy...managed to swim away as I was getting the camera ready...Back to hiking hole to hole- it was getting late. We got to a series of deep pools with falls between them. I made my way to the top pool and made a cast.....Indicator went down like a ton of bricks and then a large fish came out of the water. This fish was pissed off and I had him in a very small pool. Not a good recipe for landing it. I managed to keep this guy in the pool for 4out of 5 runs....The fifth run he went over the falls. Oh well, it was a great fight- the one that got away...always keeps you pumped to return. And that I will! Already planning the next trip up there. Hopefully it warms up cuz I am over the "Wintery Mix."

Every Day is a new Cast.......

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