Wednesday, March 9, 2011

California Coast

As we get into March the local rivers and streams near me start to get numbers of winter fish. These drainages are close to the ocean and have limited access. This is when the Inflatable really shines. Put ins and take outs are often tough to find and involve portages. The extra work can pay off as these fish are full of piss and vinegar...I was able to get out on a few of these rivers right when I got back from Oregon. Sad to say that we did not find many fish...Lots of smolt but only a couple of adult sightings and hookups. There will still be some opportunities as we get deeper into March. Tom and I found a few adults laying in a deep pool. The only fish we were able to keep on was a very large Kelt Buck that gave Tom quite a tussle. 36" long 22" around....If this fish was fresh we most likely would not have got it on the bank.
Tom made it out again this week and managed a smaller chrome adult...So they are out there...not in huge numbers but you never know when a fresh pod might arrive.

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