Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yuba report

Sorry for no post lately, just seems things have not been fishing great around here... until now. Last week on the Yuba the flows ranged from 4000 cfs to 8000 cfs. We floated twice and I did a walk in with a friend. The floats were really good catching many fish with big dry flies and pmd emergers. The second float we put in below Daguerra dam to see if we could see any shad. We did see a few but no big schools yet. We did spook a 6-7ft. green sturgeon, about mile from the put in. Rare site... looked like a mako shark swimming through the water ... cool. Dries worked well but nymphs caught more fish that day. Black rubber legs, pmd's, caddis all worked. The fish are just hungry.

The flows are going to going to be high for next 6 weeks or so always check the guage. The day I walked in was not bad, just watch your step, fish lot from the bank and further back, Fish small eddy breaks in the willows with big dry fly, keep your rod tip down and you well do fine.

The Feather has been fishing great for stripers, if you are drifting minnows, but flies have been fishing well too. There has been horriable boat traffic on the river, but with schools moving over to the sac and tisdale area, so are the boats. A nice time to be on the river is the evening, most of bait guys have caught there limits and are off the river by then.

Till next time...Keith