Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tons of rain

Sorry for not posting lately, the storms in Nevada County have been rough.

The last storm we had knocked out two of my power poles. We lost power for over a week and the internet even longer.

With all of this rain the Yuba has been muddy for almost three weeks. Had some friends float the upper section the other day and they did alright just fishing the edges of the slow water and finding the fish using something big.
As for the Feather for stripers, Jack's slough stopped pumping mud into the river a few days ago and cleared some of the river up to the mouth of Yuba. We fished yesterday and took one to the boat with a couple other bumps, but the river needs to clear more for fly fishing.

There are a few steelhead showing up in the low flow section of the Feather, which should start to fish in next couple of weeks. Here is a pic of Tom with his first striper on a fly rod, good job Tom! Till next time.....Keith

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