Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March on the Trinity

The Dark Seam....

I said we will see...So here you go folks.. Keith and I had the pleasure of floating the Canyon with my buddy Ernie.. You see he had been promising to row me through the canyon for my birthday for the last three years. This year I was gonna cash in... If you row the Trinity then you know there are a few tricky rapids on the canyon float. I am always stoked to learn a new float...My attention will be on the dangerous zones....Catching fish is a bonus today. Keith was the first to get a bend in his rod. As we slid into a sick looking zone his indicator dropped... On the other end was a very large brown. He ate a golden stone...Another camera shy fish avoided the lens and was released. The sun busted through the clouds and some bugs started hatching. We switched over to dries for a while. Missed one small steelie...Turns out we forgot our floatant so lots of false casts to dry the flies...We made our way out of the canyon switching back and forth from nymphs to dries. Missed a few more fish but nothing in the boat. As we got into some familiar water below Evans bar ...I took my focus off of learning the float and got on the front of the boat to get my fish on...The second run I managed to hook a feisty steelhead that gave me a few shakes and came off. The next one was not soo lucky. She was spunky too..out of the water a few times and went ballistic for a minute..but i got her in the net. Man o man she was dime bright...almost looked like a coastal fish. She ate a shrimp pink micro spawn. My turn on the oars...Not too long though cuz Ernie called a spot that had been holding fish. Sure enough right where he said ,,,we hooked up...Once again a chrome fish on the same bug. Off the oars and on another "Chromie Homie" It was not five minutes later that I hooked another hot fish. Same bug....what a great way to end the day.. Good times with great friends...some Bourbon and some Steelhead. March is a sleeper on the Trinity...and the best part is we only saw one other boat. I am sitting here at my house on the Russian and it is pouring...The river is rising by the minute as I am sure a lot of rivers are right now. We will see what happens over the next few days but I think it is time for another trip to Oregon. Keep tuned in to see...







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