Saturday, February 19, 2011

Off to Oregon

Hello dark seamers...

Been a while since I posted a steelhead report....I have been hanging out with the Family...gaining points for my next hallpass. I did manage to get out for one day before the storm arrived. Kieth and i took a day trip to the Van Duzen. Man o man it was low and clear..We did manage to entice a bunch of bright half pounders the first part of the float..Then the wind picked up....And i mean picked up!!! The pontoon was getting blown up river as well as kieths indicator. We pushed hard to get off the river before dark. There was one point when the wind died down and we fished. Kieth threw a cast right in the bucket and proclaimed "we deserve a fish after all that." Well he was inmmediatly answered with a bright hen between 8 and 10 lb...she gave us an aerial display and was gone. Technical knot failure...she took the whole rig..But it sure was nice to see an adult after getting blown around like a kite...So moral of the story is always check the wind predictions cus rowing out of 40-50 mph gusts is just no fun...!!!!

Sooooo...This system has brought a lot of water to Norhern California. All the coastal rivers are blown. The Kalamath drainage is still fishable. I heard a recent report that there is a push of fresh fish that just started to arrive on the Trinity. If you are jonesing to feel a tug that is your best bet...

I on the other hand am out....headed to the Oregon Coast. I am going to be fishing with a great friend that i have not seen for quite some time. I got the call last week that things are cracking so it is time to check it out...Tune in for my report..


i have not forgotten about the coastal glo-bug post. Just working on getting some great media to go along with is still coming...

every cast is a new day................Joshua

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