Saturday, February 5, 2011

PMD's, Crowds, and Brown Trout

The Yuba this week is in a flux. The flows dropped last Monday 1/31 by 400 CFS, and will drop again this Monday 2/7 by another 400 CFS, with the possibility of more flow drops later in the week. We've seen abundant hatches of PMDs, Skwalas, Grey Drakes, and Tricos.....with low flows and good hatches come the crowds as I counted over a dozen cars on the Park's Bar side of the river today. With pressure like that, a good fly and well executed presentation is the only way to fool these trout.

Here's a picture of Mark from Placerville with an unusual catch. I think the Browns are getting flushed down Deer Creek or over the top of Englebright, but that's a long fall. That's like getting thrown off a dam, wait that is getting thrown off a dam. But this is the third Brown I have seen or heard of getting caught this week, maybe it's the same one, who knows.

The hot bugs are still Rubberlegs, Copper Johns, PMD Emergers, and Skwalas.

Next week I will be fishing a new river. So stay tuned to see what next. Keith

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