Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekly coastal report

No rain for many days...Rivers are either dropping in or getting low and clear....Both of these scenarios are what a fly guy like me has been waiting for....I live on the has been looking better everyday...Steelhead green Sunday morning but I noticed that they are messing with the flows at the dam...probably making room cus lake mendo is FULL. One of my buddies floated on Sunday and hooked one fish...Farmed it!!... I decided that i was headed fish was not going to keep me home. I hooked up the boat..loaded the truck and set my alarm for o dark thirty...The plan was to meet my buddy Tim...he had been hanging in Arcata fishing with some friends up in that zone. They had been hooking 4-5 fish a day on the average...I am not usually an advocate for telling a friend to leave fish to find fish but we had a shot at the Duzen....Got to the river at 8 am and it looked good. Two to three feet of vis..Tim and i shuttled and portaged the boat..Had a line in the water by 9:30....We pounded every jucy bucket, glide and riffle...nothing but our spirits were still strong...The day was gorgeous...65 degrees and bluebird skies. It was about 3 pm as we came up on a spawning trib. I slid the boat right up to a sick slot and "WACK"....Tims bubble went down and the fight was on. This buck didnt really go ballistic...he just hunkered down. Tim did a top notch job bringing this guy to the net. 34" 13-14#....ate a red yarn glowbug. We fished this spot for the next more bites..Our day was running out as the sun started to drop. We had to power through some water..stopping at the HPZ's only. Getting dark..the take out must be around the next corner...we have all been there....Then we rolled up on a spot that was uber fishy. Tim was sitting at this point..."lets row out" he said..."Not yet bro...throw your bug in that seam right there. Lets get one more fish before we take out." I responded.... Needless to say...."Wack" then a chrome hen comes up and starts trashing...Great fight at dusk....30" 10# ate a salmon egg pink creme brulee. Way to finish the day 2 in the net......!! Next couple of days were spent on the Duzen. 8 more fish hooked....3 to hand...these chromers are fired up and will cartwheel down the river into your backing in seconds. I have some friends that are still up there so stay tuned to hear the progress.

So while i was up there i got the skinny on a couple other rivers. The Main Eel is just dropping in. There are some gear guys that are finding fish. The South Fork is low and clear. Most of the fish have moved up the tribs. Bait boats are getting 1-2 fish on a good day...Fly guys are getting goose egged...that spot needs some rain to stir the pot. The Mad is getting another great return of hatchery fish. The bait guys and liners are crushing it....I have a friend that is headed there tomorrow to hike way up so stay tuned for that report as well. That brings me back to my home river...The Russian has buddy stayed and fished three days....Hooked 5 and landed being the slab above. High teens and dime bright. Way to go Tom...!!!!!!

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