Friday, January 28, 2011

This week on the Yuba

The last two weeks on the Yuba have been awesome. Although we have not seen abundant skwala hatch, the dry fly fishing as been insane. Last week I floated with Tom Page ( which also will be posting on this blog) and the nymphing was not that hot. We were trying everything that we could think of with not much luck. So we pulled the boat over and were sitting there thinking about what to throw when all of the sudden there was a splash right next to boat. We both looked at each other and without saying a word we pulled out our dry fly rods and with in minutes had three hook ups. The rest of the day was pretty much the same, every juicy dark seam that we saw, fish hooked, and we ended the day with a dozen fish. The rest of the week only got better as the fog cleared and temperature rose to the mid 60's.

This week is pretty much the same, except now the big dawg's started to look up. But then yesterday things took a turn and split pea fog rolled in and put the fish down. The fog was so thick you could not see the gun club gate from highway 20. We did not even get a rise or look. So as soon as this fog lifts and the flows drop it will really get things moving again with the skwalas. The best pattern I have seen this year is Tom Page' flush floater. Simply deadly. Hopefully he will post the pattern. That's it for the report, hopefully you'll stay tuned with us and get out and go fish.

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