Friday, January 28, 2011


Keith here

I live in Nevada City, Ca so my home waters are all of the Yubas, the Feather (steelhead and stripers), Scott's Flat Lake, which is a great small mouth fishery, and the Sac.; although I fish for striper on the middle section of the river mostly, but do get up to the upper section occasionally. Grouse Ridge area also has lots of small lakes with excellent trout fishing. So stay tuned in as we will post as often as we can


  1. Ya Keith, nice striper! When is the best time to fish for stripers on the Feather? How big of a stick you need for those guys? 9-10 weight? Keep the post coming, you guys my me jealous this time of year.

  2. An 8 weight is fine for those guys with a good sink tip line. I'm going to start fishing the feather in a month or so, and will be good until spring. just in time for when you will be here