Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back inthe Saddle

Hey there Dark Seamers.....

Been a while since i or anyone has posted. It has been a busy summer for us all.

Good news...Steelhead are in the rivers and i am back on the Blogggggggggggg.....!

Here is the scoop:

Fish have started to show up in the Trinity in good numbers...

I have been hearing lots of above average reports...I had the chance to guide Andy Stephens from Scotland last week. We hooked 12 in two days...the largest to hand was 28 inches of wild steel..we also hooked a very large chrome Salmon that kicked Andy's Scottish butt. No pictures...sorry Andy is camera shy...

I have also recently been out on the Lower Sac... The Egg bite has not kicked in yet but the fish are chowing eggs in anticipation....Lots of fish caught in the upper floats...Here is a picture of Lance Larsen of Moraga under the market street bridge..

Nice face Lance....Haha!!!

Day two we chose to float lower in search of Steel...

the fishing was quite a bit slower....but we still had lots of opportunities was not till the very end of the day that we got this chromie Homie to your left..great job Lance...Way to stick it out to the bitter end...You were rewarded for your patience..!

It is good to be back folks...

Stay tuned for more Dark Seam Adventures.. and remember:

Every Day

is a

New Cast....! Joshua

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